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africaJUICE was established in 2007 with the objective to become the primary producer and exporter of sustainably farmed fruit products from Africa, excelling in social and environmental value creation as well as delivering returns to investors. We are working together with africaJUICE to develop new and optimize current fruit export chains, create additional value through side streams and identify and implement supply chain optimizations.


Unilever is an of the worlds’ largest consumer goods companies, with 2 billion consumers using one of their products on any given day. We are collaborating with Unilever to support their Grow Africa initiative of developing high quality local sourcing while positively impacting livelihood ​in countries like Nigeria, Rwanda and Tanzania. Activities involve developing innovative business models that enable a significant transformation of the income of smallholder farmers.

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The Rockefeller Foundation

The Rockefeller Foundation has awarded a grant to Taedoki in support of the research and analysis of green infrastructure value chains which may impact the resilience value of projects. We will analyze the ability of different green infrastructure value chains to handle the demand in the light of current ongoing and planned green infrastructure initiatives, acute events and climate change.


SAM Labs

This London based startup creates the ultimate Internet of Things technology kit. The SAM kit lets you create innovations instantly, without wires or code, seamlessly integrating Hardware, Software and the Internet. We are working together with SAM Labs by analyzing market opportunities.


This Amsterdam based startup connects medical students with senior citizens in need of care or support. As part of its growth objectives a strategic investor has been recruited. We are working as a financial advisors to one of the major shareholders of Mantelaar. ​



This Amsterdam based platform links busy people to experienced home repair and improvement specialists. Services range from painting your living room or finally fixing that leaking faucet, to completely renovating your garden. To support its growth ambitions, MrFix has raised its first Angel round and started its first crowdfunding campaign. We are working as a financial advisor to MrFix.